In this article I want to discuss the evolution of our understanding of reality, as this process started out in the ancient world under the umbrella term of philosophy, got separated into different fields of sciences in the modern times and will eventually converge into something we can call Integrated…

  • A short story for children

On his walk around the neighborhood, when Marvin was passing by the old, white, wooden house, Boots approached him.

Boots was the name he had given to the cat, that always approached him on his walks around the neighborhood.

Boots was all black but had…

Farewell : A Short Story on the Mediterranean

As he walked up to the metro station, he could make out Avi standing by the stairway and holding the painting.

They approached each other and embraced each other warmly.

B: How is the packing going. Almost ready?

A: Yeah, still few more things to finish up.

B: And tomorrow…

This article discusses intentional health-violence against geniuses. If one analyzes history and current society for all types of violence against geniuses, five dominant modes emerge.

  1. Physical violence
  2. Psychological violence
  3. Reputation violence
  4. Health violence
  5. Performance sabotage

Throughout their lives, geniuses experience about 10X higher total violence than other humans. …

This article discusses genius-phobia, and compares and contrasts it with other discriminatory phenomena including homophobia, racism, antisemitism, etc.

I will also discuss the attack vector related to genius-phobia and how it impacts the life experience of a genius.

I frequently get asked how similar or different genius-phobia is to homophobia…

Stephan Shahinian

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