Everyone has a different seat to the show…

  1. Since summer of 2014, I was dealing with an auto-immune disorder (I was in chronic pain, which is pretty intense. This means the pain never stops)
  2. My posts were just a way to stay motivated during my health battle (You were reading your own disease signals into my posts)
  3. I didn’t know that you signal your diseases to each other on FB, because I never had any diseases (I was just posting random pictures as always)
  4. Most of the time I was not paying attention to what you were doing on FB, because I was so consumed with trying to understand my auto-immune disorder (Anything I was posting was about motivating myself to reverse the auto-immune disorder)
  5. I didn’t know that so many girls were sending me signals to hook up (I wasn’t trying to hook up, I was trying not to give up)
  6. I didn’t know anything about disease signals because I never had to deal with diseases (You can’t assume that everyone knows these signals)
  7. I didn’t know that you show your teeth on FB (I never paid attention to how I smiled in pictures and my teeth were always perfect)
  8. Until November 2020 I didn’t know that mouth diseases existed (That is when I first realized that they exist)
  9. I didn’t know that you use emojis to signal mouth diseases (Emojis were just funny faces for me)
  10. I didn’t know that you use so many different signals for STDs (I never had to signal STDs)
  11. I didn’t know that there is a color code for diseases (I just like colors because I am visual)
  12. I didn’t know that horizontal stripes means disease (To me it was just an interesting design pattern inspired by Picasso)
  13. Diseases were a complete blindspot of mine, because I never had diseases. If I never had any diseases, I am not gonna think about diseases that much (Diseases are not everyone’s life focus)
  14. I had no idea that people were spreading so many rumors about my health and aside from the auto-immune disorder my health was absolutely perfect all the way till 2018 (No one warned me about all the rumors and about people trying to infect me)
  15. Summer of 2018, when I was in Europe, two childhood friends and two cousins colluded to intentionally infect me. Several other people were involved as well. End of 2020 is when I first realized that this had happened. (There was no way to anticipate that, especially not from one of my best childhood friends, that is crazy level of envy)
  16. Also while in Barcelona, couple of girls visited and exposed me to diseases without telling me anything. In general during my entire health battle several people were trying to get me infected. A lot of people were trying to get me infected. What is wrong with you people? (Thanks for being so principled during my health battle)
  17. Ironically, the main reason I had moved to Barcelona was so I could rest on the Mediterranean to see if my auto-immune disorder will improve (I was experimenting any way I could with my health)
  18. If someone would have warned me about mouth diseases or that you use FB like a disease book, that would have helped a lot and maybe I could have anticipated (All the way till 2018 you had the opportunity to warn me)
  19. All the girls that were trying to hook up with me, if you would have warned me instead, it would have been in your interest (Now we both lose in the process)
  20. You have to realize that guys will spread false rumors about me and try to set me up, and they won’t warn me (Because they are envious of me)
  21. Instead of everyone making assumptions and girls signaling to hook up, if some people could have asked me directly what I was going through, that would have helped a lot (Barriers to communication is the source of most problems in the world)
  22. I just spent several years struggling with chronic pain, the last thing I am gonna think about are your stupid disease games (When you are in chronic pain all you think about is how to make it stop)
  23. I had no diseases and was trying to motivate myself to do something about my auto-immune disorder. You started making your own assumptions, because you play your stupid disease games. Thanks to everyone who was spreading rumors about me and trying to infect me during my health battle (Glad that you were in my life)
  24. Many of you were on my FB for over 10 years and not a single person ever warned me about showing my teeth, about mouth diseases or that people use FB like a disease book (Based on my profile pictures many could tell that I didn’t know anything about that. I will remember that no one warned me)
  25. Aside from the auto-immune disorder, I had the most perfect health one could imagine and all my posts were just a way to stay motivated to do something about the auto-immune disorder. Can you imagine how much I lost in the process? Most of you were reading your disease signals into my posts because you wanted me to have your diseases (Both girls and guys had their incentives towards that)




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