For every Mozart there is a Salieri

Farewell : A Short Story on the Mediterranean

As he walked up to the metro station, he could make out Avi standing by the stairway and holding the painting.

They approached each other and embraced each other warmly.

B: How is the packing going. Almost ready?

A: Yeah, still few more things to finish up.

B: And tomorrow off to Moscow, right?

A: Yeah, for some time.

B: It was so nice catching up after so many years. Was a good time. Hopefully soon again. Was nice exploring the city.

A: Yes. It was a great time. Next time we will get to explore more.

Avi handed him the painting, which was wrapped in a gray paper.

A: There you go.

B: Nice! I shall put it in our living room.

A: Yeah would be nice. By that window, right? Well, I should head back. Still so much to do.

B: Yeah, by the window. Are you sure you don’t want to hang out a bit? But yeah, you probably still have a long day ahead.

A: Still so much to do.

They gave each other another hug.

B: Until next time!

A: Until next time, brother!

He turned around and started walking back towards his apartment, passing by the small yachts, which were lined up along the harbor.

He was thinking:

“Avi has changed so much. Not how I had expected him to be. Why did he change so much?

I will probably never see him again. We are too different from each other.

How can people change so much? I am not going to see Avi again.

Well, at least the painting is ok. That will be a good memory. Even though it is not what I wanted.”

Avi was standing on the crowded metro platform waiting for the L-Mayor train. Waiting and thinking:

“Mission accomplished. That was easy. What an idiot. Didn’t notice anything.

Let’s see what will happen to him. Who does he think he is? Telling me, look at yourself. What an idiot.”

He continued walking along the harbor, passing a row of restaurants on the left. He had almost reached the beach.

He was thinking:

“It is odd that Avi has influenced me so much as a child. But sometimes life takes such interesting turns. We are so different now after so many years. It was good to see him in these two months, but we just didn’t click. Now it is going to be a fun summer. And it is just starting. ”

As the train approached the platform, Avi entered the crowded train. He turned around and stood facing the doors. He was thinking:

“It is all done. And now what?

He thinks he is so great. Let’s see what happens next.”




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Stephan Shahinian

Stephan Shahinian

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