Los Angeles Transforming (Part 3)

This is the third article of the series on LA’s upcoming transformation.

LA’s transformation is shaping up to be huge!!!

It will be an interplay between tech innovation, transportation revolution, public infrastructure, sports entertainment and real estate development.

After the first article, from 2017, heralding LA’s Transformation and the second article, from 2018, conducting a detailed, systemic analysis of LA’s Transformation, this article is just a quick summary of the transformation’s currant state and main drivers.

As of mid 2020 LA’s transformation has moved along very nicely and there are several transformation pockets distributed along the city. Soon these pockets will start to interact.

The neighborhoods most affected by the transformation are Hawthorne, Inglewood, Westchester, Culver City, Playa Vista, West LA, Santa Monica, Westwood. These were previously referred to as the Westside Transformation Axis.

Then there are some transformation pockets around Downtown, USC, Jefferson Park, Hollywood, Glendale, Miracle Mile, Koreatown and few other places.

Unlike the previous articles, this article will just list the transformation’s main drivers in each neighborhood and let the reader connect the dots.

We will start with Elon Musk’s home-base, Hawthorne.


Main drivers: SpaceX, Tesla Design, The Boring Company, Ring (by Amazon), Elon Musk as Major Stakeholder (and now one of the richest people in the world)


Main Drivers: Sofi Stadium (Rams, Chargers), Clippers Arena and Ballmer’s Forum, Inglewood People Mover, Crenshaw line, Steve Ballmer as Major Stakeholder (and now one of the richest people in the world)


Main Drivers: LAX Metro Station, LAX People Mover, LAX terminal additions and renovations, Crenshaw line, CONRAC

Culver City:

Main Drivers: Amazon, Apple, TikTok, Ivy Station, Development around Expo line

Playa Vista:

Main Drivers: Facebook, Google, General Tech Hub and Office Space

West LA:

Main Drivers: Westside Pavilion Google Office, West Edge and few other developments on Olympic corridor, Santa Monica Blvd Real Estate Development

Santa Monica:

Main Drivers: Snap, Bird Scooters, SM Startup Scene, Development around Expo line


Main Drivers: Significant additional UCLA Student housing, Purple Line Extension, Sepulveda Pass Stop on UCLA Campus, UCLA’s interaction with LA’s emerging tech scene

This concludes the Westside Transformation Axis. Next is the list of the other transformation pockets.


Main Drivers: Regional Connector, Convention Center Buildup, Oceanwide Plaza, Gehry’s Grand and many other planned high-rises on Figueroa, Flower, Grand

Main Drivers: Virgin Hyperloop One, Honey (acquired by Paypal), Spotify’s US Office, Major Developments around Arts District (6AM, 520 Mateo, 670 Mesquit), 6th Street Viaduct

USC/Expo Park:

Main Drivers: Lucas Museum, Coliseum Renovation, LAFC, USC’s Interaction with LA’s emerging tech scene

Jefferson Park:

Main Drivers: Crenshaw and Expo line intersection, Development around Crenshaw Crossing, CloudKitchens Office (Travis Kalanick) and Sweatgreen Office


Main Drivers: Netflix expansion, Hollywood+Vine and Hollywood+Western Real Estate Development


Main Drivers: Strong emerging Tech/Startup Scene in the Armenian community


Main Driver: Purple Line Extension, Development along Wilshire Blvd and along Vermont Blvd

Miracle Mile:

Main Drivers: Purple Line Extension, LACMA redesign, La Brea Tar Pit Renovation

As of 2020, these are the main drivers that will push forward LA’s Transformation towards the 2028 Olympics. Along the way there will be many other sporting events, including a Superbowl at Sofi Stadium and the 2026 FIFA World Cup and also many business events.

Finally, an important city-level driver are The Boring Company’s tunnels, which could help alleviate LA’s traffic and connect LA’s neighborhoods.

A better transportation mode could significantly amplify LA’s Transformation!

If you want a more detailed article on LA’s Transformation, you can refer to the 2018 detailed, systemic analysis of LA’s Transformation.

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