We Need to Protect Geniuses from Health Violence

  1. Physical violence
  2. Psychological violence
  3. Reputation violence
  4. Health violence
  5. Performance sabotage
  • Since geniuses are so lucky to be born geniuses, they have very little experience with envy and are therefore unaware how strongly that emotion can affect others. They are likely to underestimate what harmful actions others can commit just due to envy
  • Since geniuses tend to have stronger morals and ethics than most other humans, geniuses are less likely to imagine how far people will go to harm others. In a sense, geniuses are naive about the baseness and cruelty level of others. Geniuses tend to be more principled and hence have a sociological blindspot
  • Since many people are envious of geniuses and don’t mind seeing them suffer, people are less likely to warn geniuses about potential perpetrators of health violence or about modes of health violence
  • Since geniuses are much more consumed with their own world and tend to operate in a state of creative trance, they are less likely to pay attention to certain dangerous developments in their surrounding
  • Since geniuses tend to be a center of attention and are envied by many, several people may collude to expose a genius to health violence
  • Sometimes someone from the opposite sex may attempt to intentionally infect a genius with an STD to tie the genius down for the future
  • Driven by envy, many people are more likely to intentionally infect a genius with a disease just to incapacitate the genius in some way
  • As you can see there are several reasons why geniuses are much more susceptible and more frequently exposed to health violence. Especially collusion phenomena can be difficult for a genius to navigate.




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Stephan Shahinian

Stephan Shahinian

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